Fun, Games and a Story

27 Oct
On Saturday October 10, 2015 the ICI held a “Game Day” Saturday Series. A small group of typers opted to tell stories using Story Cubes, a three cube set that introduces themes or genres to prompt storytelling. Below is the final product of Saturday’s event:
“One day, a pyramid was built and the clock stood still.  The star in the all-black sky shot down to earth.  Really, the star was meaning a war of aliens, but the aliens are having fun playing a war game.  The Eye of Horus was highly wondering about that war, and the aliens had built a nice house.  A group of aliens had trekked to the pyramid and camped at the site.  They were playing a game of dice at night.  There was a giant bumblebee that was annoyed by their noise and it stung the leader of the aliens.  He ran to the castle tower and left his voice of jabberers, the leader of the aliens a very sad man.  He had so much big victories in mind which got trashed.  No time for aliens up in the earth, so a letter of hope was given to the president to begin initiation of leaving earth.  They were leaving..real asking for help from earth dwellers and really wanted to save Mars by themselves.  The mighty aliens were, after all, so scared of just a bee.  The End.”
By:  David, Jamie, Sujit, Kani and Kashi

Saturday Series Poetry: On Spring

15 Mar
On Saturday March 14, 2015 author, poet, professor and blogger Steve Kuusisto led a poetry workshop as part of the ICI Saturday Series. Below is a sampling of some of the work done by the group. In coming weeks, we will be featuring full versions of some of the poems written during this event.
Spring is sailing a boat

Spring is a flower waking up in the morning

Spring is a big dog chasing clouds.

Spring is my grandmother, beating her rugs.

– Steve K. 

Spring is so happy and dances like Michael Jackson.

– Peter 

Spring is youth in bloom. Spring is questioning.

– David S.

Spring is like a fun choice. Spring is like a true changing lesson.

– Jamie 

Spring is the spring from the broken mattress, wanting to poke you to celebrate.


Spring is like a bug crawling up your neck.  Spring is like a ton of bricks flying.


Spring is keeping helpful from growing.


Spring is like a horse making Delaney trees.



Comments on Dec. 14 Saturday Series Gathering

17 Dec


What a vital connection we made today at our Saturday series group. strong understanding connects us as we look to those who ablely can discuss word retrieval and sorting language difficulties. truly rebelling at the issues where we must be speaking about how we need to please others in the attempt to be calm and dominate all the issues. for me I love connecting communication and emotion for talking within the group.  some say no necessary requirement for special activity. I must agree, but this is creatively my opinion. what do you think my friends? is this also your thought?  not a fan of the gluten free pizza but absolutely enjoyed the cookies. I am hopeful the Highland Forest takes place. Happiest Holidays! – Jamie


Saturday December 14th friends group was best for me in long time. Quiet meaningful conversation. Friends typing together is best way to connect. I like no program so our own ideas can flow. Do not underestimate our abilities to exchange typing tips and important information. We know what needs to be our main topic just like you jabberers know yours. We do not need more lecture. We need more type time. Please have more meetings like this one. – Carly


A Thoughtful Comment I’m Feeling

18 Nov

by Jamie Burke


Hi friends:

Today, this Saturday of November 9th, we specially suggested that the purpose of gathering together is to absolutely feel the comfort of connecting as everyone has need for friends. This to me means that even if we gather for minutes or we make it through our collective emotions and sensory messes, its sharing vitally our decisions and dilemmas. We are greatly and simply just regular friends and very much connected more than our typing minds.  I have always loved our group.

On Change

7 Nov

How can we deal with change?

Jamie: Change of support staff is very difficult. it would make the change more easier to understand everything with efforts of enjoyment. I dearly experience the reality in my era of connection and expression.

Quin: I deal with change with my facilitators every year. My advice is patience. Lots.

[Suggestion from guest, Dr. R: A lot of it is patience with yourself… To know if I know that if I wait I will get used to it. Change is very jarring but eventually it isn’t change it becomes reality.]

Jamie: I see the difficulty and then I see the effect.

Rick: Because I need staff change has always been big in my life. I try not to dwell on it. I enjoy my life when well supported. When not I pray for change. I try to find the good in each situation.

Chris: Need to find a doable route to a stable ground whenever there is change.

Carly: Old staff trains cause they know best

Sujit: Change is good but I get frustrated with it sometimes. Its all very sad. I have new facilitators all the time. Facilitators can be really needy of moms support and her guidance.

Jamie: Naturally connecting the experience to Carly

A conversation about relationships

21 Oct

During a recent Saturday Series gathering, a group of CNY typers discussed the topic of developing relationships between individuals who type and those who do not. They would like to continue the conversation here.


Rick: My girlfriend is verbal. We were friends in group. Her sensitivity is what made me want to know her more. You have to put yourself out there.

Sujit: I think about this often but have not found the answer yet. Some people can be friends with me but others cant.

Chris: Can we not have friends going out with them. I do that and I have a girlfriend to.

Quin: I think that typing with others is fundamental. I started dating Chris by typing.

Jamie: …fundamental friendships are many things

Rick: Being in a group that was accepting is helpful. It just happened naturally but it took 31 years. Her support staff arranged our first date.

Sujit: I want to have friends but it is difficult. its a scary world. it is very good but i have so many. so many friends.

Jamie: I experience the true thoughts when I simply feel so strong.



On inner voice and spirituality

10 Oct

My thoughts on hearing my inner voice:

My good thoughts were to see; it had an appeal to listen to my inner voice and find a seemingly auspicious route to the deeper meaning of life. Life is a highly rigorous theater of feelings and emotions that spread like fire and which need to be contained by the coolness of mind as ice, which the rapid onset of time poses.
So, I wanted to know why I could not pursue the path of spirituality even though I wanted it.

So I spoke to the Guru when I visited India last month:

To give me a  means to attain high lasting ecstatic path to salvation as I with my limits of communication may not be fit myself into same that others go for.

So on my going  for high path  of spirituality I may falter may your guidance help me. Need my hearing and thought faculty to work together for me to be successful.

Been without a voice all these years not got my due. There is a long way to go. Going for the high path of spirituality is my solace.


A Conversation about Getting Together

13 May

During a recent Saturday Series meeting, the group of FC users discussed how they feel about their monthly meetings together. This is what they typed:

Scott: good friends with so much in common.

Jamie: Our FC group is paramount for feeling connected

Mac: It makes me feel good

Rick: Everyone can benefit from Saturday Series. My suggestion is for typers to meet in smaller groups for easier conversation.

Dave S: This is the easiest way of communicating – couldn’t be beat – restful.

Sujit: I feel pleased to be near people who understand my issues. It makes me feel like a positive person.

Dave W.: I need more quiet

A facilitator suggested having a “no speaking” rule for an entire Saturday Series. The responses included:

Dave S. Open to new ideas

Dave W.: I like this. Typing is easier.

The following question was asked: Is it easier for you to type in quiet spaces, or does it not matter?

Rick: Hard to break into conversation (in loud places.) Everyone has so  much to offer if given the chance.

Scott: Want friends to type freely and with joy. Easier to type in quiet.

Hesham (re: typing in a loud restaurant, for example): I easily adapt

Jamie: I critically experience the waves of sounds.  I manage.

Dave S.: I don’t need quiet to type, but I do for handwriting.

These conversations touch on the benefits of creating opportunities to gather and type, as well as the unique challenges that need to be worked through in order to make such meetings fun and beneficial for all.  Please feel free to share your own experiences about gatherings with fellow FC users and friends! What’s worked best for you?

Rick’s thoughts on movement and typing

10 May

“I have been enjoying new things like drumming and muscatova body work. These help me get my body more in control for typing.”

-Rick Meives


Sujit’s thoughts on the November Saturday Series

27 Nov

Sujit’s Comments on the Saturday series:

What Jackie had shown was so interesting and elevating.


Conversation between Sujit Kurup  and Jackie Adamo ( 11-21-12):

SK: Interested to know  how it was to  have to  talk to  so many typers.

JA: Did I present myself in a respectful way?

SK: Very daring for this  group  to talk to you about art.

JA: Yes I thought the group was courageous because seldom do we ever talk about more conceptual things in public whether you are a talker or typer. I was impress Ed by the, and perceptive comments like CARLY TALKED ABOUT BEING AN ABSTRACT PERSON AS TO WHY THE ABSTRACT STUCK OUT TO HER.  I think myself and other artists or anyone who deals with the more subtle aspects of life feel that way. Seldom do people who look at my work get exactly what I am trying to say but I thought as a group your comments were astute like Jamie kept mentioning things about molecular structure and Quin talked about movement and energy and that really struck me. I felt like you were really looking at the work in many different ways where as others even those who come to my shows and like art speak very superficially about the work


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